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Beast creator – summer 2

Welcome to the final topic of the year! This topic is called beast creator. Have a look at our curriculum letter to find out exactly what we will be doing this term.

express – stargazers

This week we have been curating powerpoint presentations about everything we have learned in our termly topic, Stargazers. Here are some of the children’s work.

captains table – this term

Well done to all of our captains table winners this term! Yusuf Ahmed and Saifya for both always applying 100% effort in all lessons! Hashim for always setting a fabulous example to his peers at all times. Laila for creating an amazing piece of artwork around the phases of the moon.

Engage – wonderdome

On Monday (29/4) UKS2 welcomed in the visitors wonderdome. We have a fabulous experience looking in to more detail about the various planets and even got the chance to ask the experts some questions. The children thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we look forward to learning even more about our solar system.

captains table 27/4/24

Well done to Yusuf and Adam who have both been chosen to sit on the captains table this week. Adam has improved his attitude to learning and his overall concentration, especially in maths, this week. Whereas Yusuf has improved his writing continuously over the last few terms which is fantastic. Well done to you both!

Captains table 19/4/24

Congratulations to the double act, Summaya and Khadija for earning their place on the captains table this week. They have both applied 100% effort in our first week back!


Next term we are studying the topic stargazers… Already, children in the class have expressed their interest in the topic of space and we are looking forward to our penultimate term!

Dt – A childs war

This term in DT we have been designing and making a model Anderson Shelter. Here are some of our results…

friday 22nd march – captains table

A huge congratulations to our two captains table winners this week Khadija and Yahya. You have both worked really hard and especially Yahya who has contributed even more to our class discussion this week.

friday 15th march – captains table

Abdullah and Danish have won their place on the captains table this week! Abdullah has improved his overall concentration this week whilst contributing in our guided reading sessions where he always provides fabulous answers.

friday 8th march – captains table

Well done to Abdul-Haseeb and Saleem who have both impressed this week in our writing and characterising speech for our writing project!

writing project

At Sedgley Park this week we have been taking part in a whole-school writing project based on the animation the Fox and the Mouse. Take a look at one of our first drafts where we collate some ideas!

As a class we will edit each others work to make sure that our writing is the best that it can be.

You can also take a look at the video which we are basing our stories around below.

friday 1rd march – captains table

Congratulations to the due, Laila and Safiya! Laila has impressed her peers in our writing lessons this week. Contributing fabulous answers and being totally focussed.

curriculum letter – a childs war

Our new topic this term is A Childs War. This half term, we are exploring all things WW2. From important figures to evacuation. Knowing what life was like for everybody during the war is an engaging topic which we are all looking forward to.

friday 16th february – captains table

Raheem and Adam have both been chosen for the captains table this week. Adam has vastly improved his concentration and Raheem has continued his hard work which has seen him improve so much this year.

friday 9th february – captains table

Congratulations to Hashim and Summaya who always present themselves as positive role models in our classroom every day!

friday 2nd february – captains table

Well done to Ayaan and Saifaan who have both been awarded with the privilege of being on the captains table. Well done!

friday 26th january – captains table

A huge congratulations to our two captains table winners this week Khadija and Saleem. You have both worked really hard and you both always put 100% effort in!

Friday 19th january – Captains table

A huge thanks to all of the children this week who have worked really hard perfecting our class assembly about Benin! Unfortunately i could only choose two people and they were Adam and Esra who have both been trying really hard in Maths this week applying their skills of column multiplication and short division!

friday 12th january – captains table

A huge congratulations to Abdul-Haseeb and Yusuf Ahmed for both achieving captains table this week! Yusuf’s reading has improved vastly! Abdul-Haseeb has been helping others to understand column multiplication this week!

Monday 8th january – curriculum letter

I hope you have all had a wonderful break and are ready to get back to school. Here is what we are going to be learning about this term which is titled MAAFA…

Friday 15th December – Dt

This term we have been going through the iterative process building an electric board game. Here are some of the results!

Friday 8th december – Captains table

Congratulations to Safi and Abdul-Raheem for achieving this weeks captains table!

Lbq – maths – 8th december 2023

During our maths lesson we used LBQ (Learning by questions) to enhance our knowledge of fractions.

wednesday 29th november 2023 – geography

This term we have been looking at using 6 figure co-ordinates to locate places on maps. we have now moved on to looking at the locations of gold in the world. We started by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of mining gold. here is some of the children’s ‘letters to the prime minister’ urging the mining of gold to be stopped.

friday 24th november 2023 – Captains table

A huge congratulations to Yusuf and Ayaan who achieved the prestigious status of captains table this week! Congratulations!

Monday 20th november – dt

This week in DT we have been working on the skills we need to create an electric board game. The children used: lightbulbs, crocodile clips, wires and a battery to create a circuit. Building on knowledge they have from Y3 and Y4 we predicted if certain circuits would work. Finally we tested them to see if our prediction was correct.

Friday 17th november – captains table

Congratulations to Yahya and Zara for achieving captains table this week!

friday 10th november – captains table

Well done to Yusuf and Abdullah for achieving captains table this week! Yusuf achieved an impressive score on his recent maths test and Abdullah has been focused all week and has impressed with his engagement in all lessons. Congratulations!

Thursday 9th november – fractions

Today we have started our new topic in Maths which is fractions. As a reminder to what we have done in previous years we have been using manipulatives to find equivalent fractions. We then moved on to matching unit fractions to gauge an understanding of how to find and pair equivalent fractions.

Alchemy island – engage

As part of our new topic, Alchemy Island, we have been exploring the magical island through riddles and coordinates. We took a trip down Alchemy island where we picked up treasure and samples from different areas of the mythical island.


Firstly, we decoded the riddle left by a mysterious character. We explored words such as ‘beseeches’ ‘hence’ ‘hark’.

Plotting coordinates

Then we moved on to plotting the route we need to take to collect all of the samples from Alchemy island!


Finally we collected and observes the samples collected on our journey!

Friday 3rd November 2023 – Captains table

Well done to this weeks captains table winners… Laila and Danish who have both been applying great effort all week. Especially in our English lessons where we are looking at non-chronological reports! Well done to you two.